The law of attraction – focusing on what we want, not on what we don’t want to get out of debt

Ever since I first read The Secret about 10 years ago I have believed in the Law of Attraction.

For anyone who hasn’t read it the premise is this:

The universe is governed by many natural laws, one of which is the law of attraction – like attracts like. The focus of The Secret is that our “thoughts become things”, that what we think about most will manifest itself in our lives.

Now this seemed like a lot of hocus pocus to me at the time, but I was in a place where I’d left a good job (but a job I was unhappy in) to go and work with a start up, but it hadn’t worked out. After a couple of months they told me they couldn’t afford to pay me anymore and I suddenly found myself with the prospect of being out of work for the first time in my life. I had a mountain of debt and I was constantly worrying about money.

Then someone gave me a copy of The Secret and, when I read the chapter on money, it really resonated with me. It said that if you expect debt and dread the post because you think that all it will be is more bills, more debt, then that’s what you will get – so why not expect a cheque instead? Well I was certainly dreading not just the post but every phone call and email, so why not start expecting a cheque instead? It certainly seemed better than having palpitations every time the mail arrived.

Now this is the hard part of the manifestation process, for me anyway. My mind immediately starts to go to work trying to work out “how” something is going to happen and, when it can’t fathom it, tells me how it’s impossible – where am I suddenly going to get a cheque from? No one owes me any money. I haven’t done any freelance work I haven’t been paid for. Impossible.

But, like it often is for me, when I’m desperate enough I will give anything a go – after all what did I have to lose? I still didn’t believe I was going to somehow be given a solution to my pending unemployment or growing debt but the book suggested starting small, starting with something you’d have no problem believing you could manifest. In my mind I chose the six of clubs playing card. I sat down, closed my eyes and asked to receive it. I then went about my days believing I was going to get it with every inch of my being. The weirdest thing was, almost immediately I started noticing playing cards everywhere. On the floor in the street; on the TV; on adverts on the sides of busses; on T-Shirts. But still no six of clubs.

About three days later I went to a bar in central London to meet a client. I ordered a drink while I waited for them and, as you needed to spend more than £10 to pay by card, I set up a tab. I gave them my card and they gave me a card to put in my wallet. When I came to pay after my meeting, I pulled the card out of my wallet and as I did I noticed something strange. They used playing cards to identify your tab number and in my hand was the six of clubs. This absolutely blew my mind and it started to give me faith that this could work.

So from that point on, every time a negative thought about money came into my head, I started to think positively about wealth and abundance instead. I started to get grateful and say thank you for what I already had and every time I picked up the post I smiled and took a deep breath, expecting a cheque instead. And you know what? It came. I got a tax rebate I wasn’t expecting and then a refund from my bank on overpaid interest. Out of the blue I also got a phone call about a job and I got it. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Now I’m not saying I suddenly became a millionaire overnight (I didn’t) or that I never had money worries again (I have). But when I was really focussed on the positive, what I wanted and not what I didn’t want, it worked.

Nine years on and I found myself in a similar position. In fear around money, feeling like I was never going to get out of debt, terrified of how to make the changes I wanted to make in my life without having the financial security I believe I needed in order to take the leap. And so I remembered what worked for me last time and I started to focus on it again.

The first thing that happened was I got a cheque from my bank -another “whoops, sorry we’ve been taking too much interest off you” backdated cheque. Six months later I got another one. I started getting offered opportunities that brought in extra money and earning more at work.

And then things fell apart. I felt like the rug had been yanked from underneath me and I found myself leaving London and moving back in with my parents at nearly 40 – not what I’d envisaged for my life at that point.

It felt like a kick in the teeth, however, had that sequence of events not happened back in April 2018, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now and that position is that, when I get paid on Monday I will be 100% debt free. This seemed impossible a year ago but it goes to show what I know about what is and isn’t possible.

The point is that things happen and no matter how shitty they seem at the time, when you come out of the other side of them there will be a gift, a lesson or growth that takes your life in a new and unexpected direction and puts you exactly where you need to be.

Someone sent me this video The story of the bird yesterday just by coincidence when I was halfway through writing this blog and it’s so true.

I really do believe that the only thing ever holding me back in any area of my life is my own negative beliefs and that not every sh*t thing that happens to us is a bad thing.

I now have another challenge to overcome and it’s a big one so I just re-watched The Secret on Netflix. I’ve not got a solution to my current dilemma yet, but it will come if I focus on what I want not on what I don’t want, have a little faith and let the universe work it’s magic.